Sat thinking about how far I have come! 

How hard it has been, but how quickly my body has recovered. 

Praying for a positive result – 15.09.16 

Always smile: it makes you feel happy even if you are not. 

Never stop being you: I would always put my make up on before chemo. 



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  1. You’ve come so far and you’ve clearly done so well, your looking really well han. Keep positive. Fingers and everything else crossed you get the results you deserve xxxxx

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  2. You’re doing so well Hannah. I’m keeping everything crossed for you that you get a good result on 15/9/16 keep thinking positive thoughts and keep smiling I know sometimes it’s hard to do that especially when you’re scared of the outcome but you can do it Hannah you’ve come this far you’re a very strong very brave young lady best wishes xx👍🏻👍🏻

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  3. Hannah you are wonderful, you have fought like a real trooper and have been incredibly brave and honest in sharing your experiences. I have everything crossed for a positive result for you next month!!!! Lots of love and positive vibes, Sarah xxxxx

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    1. Thank you Sarah. Means a lot. Also, I’m sure I saw a picture of you, and saw a beautiful bump growing – CONGRATULATIONS for both baby and for finishing your masters xxx


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